How It Works

The Lantern English Co. offers online writing classes and English programs for students across the globe. Students and teachers do not meet face-to-face in a physical setting, but communicate instead via email.


In order to participate, every student of The Lantern English Co. must have an email address, whether their own or their parents', and access to a computer on which assignments can be typed (we do not accept handwritten work, unless otherwise noted for a specific assignment). 

Standard Classes

Each standard writing or literature class is eight weeks long. Lessons and assignments are sent via odt. or PDF in weekly emails. Students complete the work and return the homework file(s) to the teacher by the given due date. Corrections, comments, and a weekly grade are provided via a skill-appropriate rubric. Some courses have final projects or tests. 


For our standard classes, students should expect to receive their weekly assignments on the same day around the same time each week, but they do not need to worry about logging in for a specific class or discussion time. Whenever they are able to retrieve the assignment from their email is fine, as long as the work is completed and returned by the due date. This makes The Lantern English Co. incredibly flexible for students and their families.

All eight-week writing classes cost $60 per student.

English Program

The Lantern English Co. offers a year-long English program for grades 6th - 12th, providing instruction in literature, vocabulary, grammar, and writing. The English program works similar to our quarter classes, in that students receive their lessons and assignments via email on the same day each week. Students complete the work and return the files to the teacher by the given date. Corrections, comments, and a weekly grade are provided via a skill-appropriate rubric.


English students enroll during our first quarter enrollment period, but stay with the same teacher for the entirety of the school year. 


Our English program costs $330 per year (a total of 32 weeks). 

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