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Frequently Asked Questions

english program

If you find that one of your questions regarding our English program is not answered through this page, feel free to contact us! FAQ regarding our eight-week writing and literature classes can be found HERE.

  1. How does your English program work? Our English program is conducted via email. This program is not live, so you will not need to meet with an instructor on a specific day or time. Visit our How It Works page for more details! 
  2. What does the English program cover? Our English program provides instruction in literature, vocabulary, grammar, and writing. Students are assigned both excerpts and full readings of age-appropriate literature along with literature response assignments and poetry lessons; vocabulary studies consist of age-appropriate quarterly vocabulary lists, changing every four weeks; weekly grammar assignments will provide consistent review of grammar and mechanics principles; finally, students will study age-appropriate writing skills, including a yearly research project.
  3. What is the cost of your English program? Our English program runs for thirty-two (32) weeks and costs $350.

  4. Do you offer discounts? We do offer a small (2%) multi-student discount which will be automatically applied when you enroll two or more students from the same family in the same session or when you enroll one student in two or more classes in the same session. We purposefully strive to keep our class costs affordable, so you will not see us offering larger multi-student discounts or other promotions. We do offer referral discounts! Learn more HERE

  5. Do you support Common Core State Standards? No, we do not support Common Core State Standards. We design our courses with students' and families' needs in mind without any regard to state or federal educational regulations. Any similarities between what we teach and the Common Core State Standards are merely coincidental, but we will never intentionally align our material to meet any state or federal regulations.

  6. Is the English program equivalent to a curriculum? Yes! The English program covers literature, vocabulary, grammar, and writing studies to fulfill a full year English curriculum.

  7. Is the English program equivalent to one high-school credit? Yes! Typically, one academic credit is made up of 150 hours of work. Our English program will meet the approximate number of hours needed for a complete credit.

  8. How do I know where to place my student? Although we do give grade level suggestions for our English program, please do not enroll your student based on age or grade level alone. ​Primarily, please consider your student's prior writing experience and current skill set. Learn more about placement HERE.

  9. Should parents be involved with their children? This is a common question but is generally left up to the parents and students. Younger students often need their parents to help them read and understand certain lessons or complete some assignments. Older students are challenged to be in charge of their lessons, time management,  and assignments. However, parents should always be checking their student's progress, reviewing incoming grades and corrections, and monitoring the work. This ensures the student is getting as much as possible out of each course.

  10. What if the program doesn't work for us? As a small business, it is impossible for us to offer refunds at any time should someone choose to drop the program. If a student drops once the school year has begun, we cannot fill that space with a new student. This hurts the instructor who counts on the enrolled students as part of their annual schedule and income. Thus, we do not offer refunds for our English program. We have worked hard to make our program excellent, in order to serve each student well. Still, we strongly encourage thorough review of placement guidelines, class outlines, and samples in addition to asking us any questions you may have prior to enrolling and paying. If a situation arises in which the program is truly not suitable, we will work with the parent and student to modify the program so that the student can continue. 

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