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Frequently Asked Questions


If you find that one of your questions regarding our English program is not answered through this page, feel free to contact us! FAQ regarding our eight-week writing and literature classes can be found HERE. FAQ for our eight-week live classes can be found HERE.


How does the English program work? 


Visit our How It Works page for details! 


How much does your English program cost?


Our English program costs $330 per year (32 weeks), per student. This cost includes instruction in literature, vocabulary, grammar, and writing. 


What does the English program cover? 

Our English program provides instruction in literature, vocabulary, grammar, and writing. Students are assigned both excerpts and full readings of age-appropriate literature along with literature response assignments and poetry lessons; vocabulary studies consist of age-appropriate quarterly vocabulary lists, changing every four weeks; weekly grammar assignments will provide consistent review of grammar and mechanics principles; finally, students will study age-appropriate writing skills, including a yearly research project.


Do you support Common Core State Standards?


No, we do not support Common Core State Standards. We design our courses with the needs of students and families in mind without any regard to state or federal educational regulations. Any similarities between what we teach and the Common Core State Standards are merely coincidental, but we will never intentionally align our material to meet any state or federal regulations.


Why are the programs labeled by level and grade? 


We have structured our programs by level with commonly associated grade levels. However, a fifth grade student with basic grammar and writing knowledge would be eligible to enroll in our Level I (6th grade) English program; a tenth grade student who is a bit behind on writing might be better to begin in our Level IV (9th grade) program. Parents should review the provided class outlines, reading lists, and sample lessons to determine what level is the best fit for their student. We also highly recommend reading through the placement information HERE


What if we cannot complete all of the assignments in the week?


Assignments are given in a manageable amount, and usually should not be too overwhelming. If the student is consistently unable to complete the work, the instructor will work with the student and parent to create a manageable schedule to finish the assignments. If the student is unable to complete the work in the given week (sick, vacation, etc.), the instructor will work with the student to make up each assignment. 


Should parents be involved with their students?


This is a common question but is generally left up to the parents and students. Younger students often need their parents to help them read and understand certain lessons or complete some assignments. Older students are challenged to be in charge of their lessons, time management,  and assignments. However, parents should always be checking their student's progress, reviewing incoming grades and corrections, and monitoring the work. This ensures the student is getting as much as possible out of each course.


How is grading completed?


Grading is completed by the instructor based on portion of the program. After the student has sent the assignments in, the instructor reviews and grades each assignment within one day of the due date. Students will then receive an email with corrections, comments, and a grade for each portion of the program. Quarterly reports are sent at the end of each nine-week period with a final review and final grades sent at the end of the year. 


What if the assignments are late?


Late assignments receive docked points according to the instructor's guidelines. Generally, unless the student has a viable reason to be late or has spoken with the instructor prior to the due date, late assignments are docked five points for each late day.