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Terms Of Use






We reserve all rights to our course work. Assignments emailed to students are for the private use of that student. Assignments may not be used in public settings to teach other classes in community groups, schools, or home-school co-ops. (Parents have permission to use our material to instruct other students in their household, with the understanding that The Lantern English Co. will not be providing feedback or grades for non-enrolled students and no updates will be provided for the lesson material originally sent.) 




Students should be enrolled within the designated enrollment periods. Spaces fill quickly, so we encourage enrollment on the day it opens, if possible. We close enrollment once all class spaces are filled. Waiting list students and late enrollments will be taken on a case-by-case basis, but we cannot guarantee a class space. Please pay attention to the opening enrollment date and time. 




Beginning Summer 2022, payment is made directly via the enrollment form. You will no longer receive an invoice to pay later. You must complete payment in order for the enrollment(s) to be processed. Payment can be made using either a debit/credit card or a Paypal account. 

Cancellations and Refunds:

Eight-week students may drop out of a class at any time, but refunds will not be given under any circumstances. Giving refunds is an added inconvenience for us as a small business. If you are unsure whether you will be able to handle the course at a specific time, err on the side of caution and do not enroll. 

Sometimes, situations arise that prevent a student from completing the class within the given eight-week session. For such situations, we do permit prorated funds to be rolled over to the next session. 

We do not offer refunds for our English program. We strongly encourage thorough review of placement guidelines, class outlines, and samples in addition to asking us any questions you may have prior to enrolling and paying. If a situation arises in which the program is truly not suitable, we will work with the student to find some of our standard eight-week classes that will be a good fit and allow the student to continue with our program, if desired.

Above all, please ensure that you have considered your finances and properly planned prior to enrolling in any of our programs. We do not offer refunds because you can no longer afford a class, because you changed your mind, or because something else came up. 


We do not guarantee preferred teacher placement. By enrolling in our classes, you are agreeing that your student(s) may be placed with any one of our instructors. If you are unhappy with the class placement, you are welcome to drop the class at any time, but we will not offer a refund and we will not move your student to a different instructor.


It is the user's responsibility to be prepared for our online classes. Please make sure that your student has access to a desktop or laptop as well as apps/programs which can open PDF and odt. files. In addition, your student must have access to a word processor for typing homework assignments. We recommend Open Office, Microsoft Word, or Google Docs. If you are concerned about the technical aspect of our program, we encourage you to ask a family member or friend for help, or check out YouTube for numerous "how to" videos.

Please also note that it is not an instructor's responsibility to trouble-shoot technological difficulties. We will do our best to help, but we expect families to be prepared to handle the technological aspects of the program prior to classes beginning so that instructors can focus on the homework itself rather than trouble-shooting. 

Again, we do not offer refunds because a user cannot open our files, utilize a word processor, or manage an email account. 

Class Work: 


Students are expected to follow class policies and work diligently on their assignments. If students are continually late on their assignments, not showing proper respect to the instructor, not following directions, or being generally lazy about the work, instructors reserve the right to remove the student from the class.




Students are expected to put forth effort in each class. If students do not show effort, do not read assignments, do poorly on assignments, turn in assignments late, or do not respond to instructors' emails regarding corrections, instructors reserve the right to give low or failing grades.


Missed Assignments: 


Instructors will work as diligently as possible to flex course work according to the needs of each student. We understand that students may go on vacation and may need to double up on assignments before or after their time away. We also understand things such a sickness, family emergencies, or deaths may get in the way of course work. However, students who are habitually "too busy" to complete their coursework will not receive the same benefits. Under these circumstances, instructors reserve the right to drop the student from the class or not grade any work sent two weeks past the final. Students should strive to complete all work and their finals by the final date.




Instructors are required to answer any emails sent to them with questions regarding assignments within 24 hours. However, instructors will not be held liable if you should NOT ask questions. If you do not receive an assignment on the appropriate day, please EMAIL the instructor. A missed lesson can be caused by a variety of problems. Remember, we are using technology, and it is not perfect! If your student does not understand a lesson or assignment, please EMAIL the instructor to ask questions. Please use email liberally, and ask as many questions as you need.

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