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Serving the homeschool community for 16 years, The Lantern English Co. provides both online classes and digital curriculum to help students around the world succeed in grammar, vocabulary, writing, and literature! 

Our goal at The Lantern English Co. is to teach students how to become confident, capable writers who know how to make words work for them. We believe there is power in the written word, whether we are reading the words of someone else or writing down our own words.


Whatever a student's future path, our aim is to prepare each student to skillfully and confidently utilize the power of words in order to communicate effectively, achieve personal goals, and inspire and engage the world around them.


Through The Lantern English Co., we equip each student with: 


  • Knowledge: A good writer must have a solid base of linguistic knowledge, for how can you write if you do not know your own language? As tedious as it may seem, a student must study the basics of language, thus learning to spell correctly, use punctuation marks appropriately, and construct proper sentences.


  • Thinking Skills: A good writer gives his thoughts to the reader logically. However, this is often a learned writing practice, for many of us do not always think logically! Instead, we must train ourselves to present our thoughts, whether fiction or not, in a manner which is both captivating and logical.


  • Creativity: A good writer can think creatively. Most parents and teachers hear one complaint about writing: “I don't know what to write!” On the contrary, everyone can learn to think and write creatively, a skill which will improve a student's ability to communicate well. 


  • Confidence: A good writer is sure of his craft, though not cocky. Confidence is essential for success; learning how to communicate confidently is the foundation for many other successes! To be able to sit down with a pen and paper and compose something confidently and purposefully is one of the greatest skills in life.


  • Responsibility: Many students do not know how to assess required assignments and fit them into a manageable time frame. High school students especially can become easily overwhelmed with assignments and have no idea how to handle their work. Using straight-forward class outlines and curriculum structures, students will learn how to follow directions, meet deadlines, and practice good time management.

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