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  • My son is autistic and struggles to find his words and thus, has trouble speaking and writing. While he is in the 9th grade, he has never really finished a writing class because writing understandably frustrates him.  Before signing up for this class, we discussed that it would be hard, but no matter what happened, he wouldn't give up. By the second week, he was in tears. He wanted to give up. He said that he couldn't write like the other kids his age because words don't stick in his brain. My son spent 25 hours a week on this class. He stopped all of his other school work to toll over the material to try to make sense of it, and then write the assignments. He struggled, he cried, he stressed out so much, but he didn't give up. And then something unbelievable happened. He began to find his words and he began to WRITE. He wrote like I have never seen him write before. I am tearing up writing this because I can hardly believe how well he has done. At the end of the session, [the instructor] wrote that he was a talented writer and that hit my son deeply. He has never been told that he was a good writer. And now I am crying. Thank you for this amazing class. I am forever grateful for this door that you have opened in my son. -- Reesa, a parent

  • [The course we took was] clear in its layout, expectations, grading and feedback. As a homeschooling parent, I wanted to be sure I was grading my student accurately. The past 8 weeks have helped me to confirm and be assured that we are on the right track. Many thanks! I am very pleased to highly recommend Lantern English to our home school community. -- Sharon, a parent

  • I am so pleased with the progress my 13 year old son made last spring when he took your first class. Up until then, he panicked when he had to write, and had a strong aversion to any writing program we tried. I knew he could do it, but he had such a strong mental block that he actually cried when he was given writing assignments. At first he thought this class was "too hard," but it really helped having deadlines and another person to answer to. He did really well, and getting good scores substantially boosted his confidence. By the last assignment, which was 5 paragraphs, he didn't even bat an eye, just went right to work and wrote a good essay. Thanks for a wonderful program! ​-- Sarah, a parent

  • I just wanted to say how happy I am with The Lantern English Co. I especially wanted to thank Lydia for her helpful and realistic grading. As a parent, I prefer to have the children graded "tough" so they will be ready for college. My children have really enjoyed your classes, especially the creative writing they are taking now. Thank you so much for providing a thorough yet economical writing program. My daughter had two years with another program, and she liked it, but it was too rigorous and expensive for us to continue. I think you require enough work, yet not too much so that it doesn't interfere with the rest of their school work. THANK YOU!!!! --Lisa, a parent 


  • One of the best parts about working with The Lantern English Co. was that I could ask as many questions as I wanted to. My teacher was completely willing to answer them, and was actually pleased that I was asking so many. I feel that she really wanted me to learn, not just pay her the fee, take her course, get a final grade, and move on. And I really did learn. While taking one of the essay classes, I was taught how to develop a thesis, write an argumentative paper, cite sources, and more. I even got to use one of the papers that I wrote during this time for a college honors application writing sample. To top all of this off I have gained my teacher as a friend. I would definitely recommend The Lantern English Co. for anyone who wants to learn how to write well under the guidance of a supportive, interactive teacher. --Emily, a student 


  • Thank you so much! I don't think my son even realized he was writing an essay. This is his weakest area in his education. We attempt writing every year and it never goes very far, but figured one of these years it would all click. So imagine my surprise when I read his paper and saw that he has started to figure it out -- I was shocked and encouraged! Thank you again for all the help and feedback.--Sue, a parent 


  • I am very happy with this course so far. My son has always resisted writing for/with me. Now I feel he is getting a good grasp of what is required, and he is not struggling as much as I had anticipated. The course is well set out, and the expectations are realistic. Thank you for your input into my son's writing. I feel we have received very good value for our money.--Charlotte, a parent


  • I love your classes. Writing is something we always would omit. It's time consuming and very difficult for me to evaluate because I do not know how to evaluate by grade level. Your classes have made us accountable and your feedback is invaluable.-- Sandy, a parent


  • I really enjoyed the ease of The Lantern English Co.! I have five children and was struggling to find time to plan, assign, and grade my 10th grade son's language arts assignments. [The instructor] provided the assignments, the feedback, and a grade for me to record!! I also felt it was important for my son to be held accountable by someone other than me for his schoolwork since he is wanting to go to college soon. The Lantern English Co. helped with his accountability and time management! It was a great experience this semester and next year not only will my eldest be taking classes with The Lantern English Co. but my 8th grade son will as well!!! We were VERY impressed! --Layna, a parent

  • Thanks for all that you have given to our children. Some elements of The Lantern English Co. have been challenging but that is a good thing. Our daughter does much better being accountable to someone other than me all the time. Our son is taking Eng 101 and Western Civilization at college this semester. Both classes have lots of writing assignments. He’s a bit overwhelmed but I’m thankful for past experience that he had in your class. I really appreciate having you speak into my students’ lives. Your perspective is on target and well spoken. -- LaReta, a parent

  • Thank you for the note to my daughter. Thank you for being so encouraging. You have been a blessing to my children! They love and appreciate their instructor. They regularly comment on the fact that although they have never spoken to you, your notes to them make it seem that way. Thank you for challenging them to persevere and do excellent work. Your encouragement definitely goes with them in other areas of life. -- Vanleer, a parent

  • I just wanted to say "thank you"! You have helped me so much in developing my writing skills. You gave me so much confidence in my writing and gave the perfect criticism! I started college just a few weeks ago and was very worried about my writing, but it seems that I am doing well, and that is thanks to you! Without your help I could have never gained the confidence to begin college! Thank you! -- Kat, a student​

  • We love the clarity and flexibility and thorough content! We love the good communication between student and teacher, and parent and teacher. The Lantern English Co. has been so easy to work with, so easy to fit in our lives, and yet offers comprehensive, rigorous courses. When we found The Lantern English Co., we found happy sweet teachers who are encouraging and fun! Keep up the good work. -- Julie, a parent

  • So far, my son has taken two classes with The Lantern English Co.  I can hardly believe how well he has progressed. I could tell that he was behind his age group in writing.  However, after two classes, I am beginning to think that he has caught up.  I have sold all my homeschool writing curriculum because unfortunately, they just aren't very good.  I plan on having my son continue to take classes with The Lantern English Co. until he finishes high school.  Thank you, and keep up the good work! -- Susan, a parent

  • I just want to thank you for the work you have done with our son. He has grown from someone who was very apprehensive and resistant about writing to a student who is confident about his ability to produce essays of various topics. You challenged him well, and he is proud of his accomplishment. --Wendy, a parent


  • Your courses are great!  My high schooler and my middle schooler have both really grown from your thorough, kind-hearted, individualized feedback.  The instructors don't just correct assignments, they instruct and explain.  And it's such a relief to me to be able to sign up for only eight weeks at a time.  I'm so excited to see how your company is growing.  It seems that you are successfully expanding all that is so special about Lantern English.  --Angelika, a parent

  • I highly recommend this course [Essay Basics]. It is taught precept upon precept. It is thorough, concise, easily understood and affordable. My son who prefers math and science has grasped the basics in essay writing. He can now write an essay without fear and trepidation. -- Ronwyn, a parent

  • This [Essay Basics] was a great class and I really appreciate the instruction and helpful feedback. We still have a lot of work to do, but it was very helpful for my son to get a different teacher's perspective. In addition, he said that he was a little sad that the class was over. For a kid that struggles with writing and says that he hates it, this sentiment meant a lot to me. -- Chantal, a parent

  • We were very impressed with [the instructor's] attention to detail and meticulous review of the essays. The instructor's thorough feedback is what truly makes the class worthwhile. Excellent program all around! Thank you! -- Atmika, a parent

  • The instructor feedback was outstanding!  I shared the evaluations with my husband, and he couldn't believe how detailed and on point they were. In both of our lifetimes, we have never experienced that level of love and care from any teacher before, so we are so grateful that our children had this opportunity to take this class.  Thank you so very much for all of your hard work! --Kristen, a parent

  • We couldn’t be more happy with the content and the instructor for this course [English Level IV]. Not only did my daughter’s skills develop dramatically, but so did her confidence. This is largely due to how well [the instructor] taught her to really understand essay writing. Thank you! --Carrie, a parent

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