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English Program Placement

Although we do give grade level suggestions for our English program, please do not enroll your student based on age or grade level alone. 

Primarily, please consider your student's prior writing experience and current skill set. 

IF YOU ENROLL YOUR STUDENT BASED ON AGE/GRADE ALONE, YOU RISK YOUR STUDENT BEING OVERWHELMED BY MATERIAL HE/SHE IS NOT CAPABLE OF. This ends up making everything more difficult for both instructor and student, as we have to try to swap assignments around to meet the student's actual needs. 

Please choose the test based on assumed level. Have the student complete the test without adult help. The results of the test will guide you from there. If your student does not score high enough, we will recommend a lower level test/enrollment; if the student scores perfectly or very high, you can try testing for the next level if you think the student is ready for more. 

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