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Rebekah Daniel

Writing Instructor

at The Lantern English Co.




I was born and raised in Georgia, but I’ve had the privilege of living in Ohio, Texas, Kentucky, South Carolina and California along the way to our current home in coastal Mississippi. I’ve never lived anywhere without securing a library card as soon as we had an address. Books are the home I take with me.


Though reading has been a passion since I was little, writing came much later. It started with reporting for the student newspaper in college but quickly grew to telling the stories of people whose lives were changed by hope, community investment, education, and faith. Along the way, I discovered the joy of helping young people experience the pleasure of a well-turned phrase and the perfect, transcendent analogy — especially when the phrases and analogies are their own.


I live in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, with my husband, William, who currently ministers as an active-duty military chaplain. Together we are raising four children ages 17 to 7, all of whom have attended public and home schools at some point. We have a respectable card game collection, a flower garden with unrealized potential, and far, far too many books.



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