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Adventures in Reading 1 - A Student Reading Journal
  • Most of us read best when we read things we enjoy, right? I have found the same to be true of my children! Although my oldest son learned to read quickly and easily, my girls found the process more challenging. Then one day, I thought about motivating them by having them read books they would love—books about fairies, princesses, and woodland animals! From that point on, their reading skills and interest in books skyrocketed!


    But how many reading curricula are based on books my kids love (or even books I love)? Reality check: not very many. While it is important to teach students how to read and respond well, most importantly, I first want to instill a love of reading. I created this journal out of the desire to give each of my children a custom-made reading program.


    Adventures in Reading 1 contains space for 32 books, one book for each week of our standard academic schedule. In Level 1, I have made each lesson suitable for either non-fiction or fiction with a focus on story-style books. The instructive content is loosely sequential, so I do recommend using the journal in order. You can assign specific books for your student based on other subjects being studied, but I also encourage you to allow your student to choose at least some of the books as well. Like me, you might be pleasantly surprised by the result!

    Adventures in Reading 1 - A Student Reading Journal

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      • This is a digital product. You will not receive a physical copy in the mail.

      • Please be sure to save all files for this product on your own computer. If you contact us later on, saying that you can no longer find the files, we will not be able to provide new files unless you can produce the original receipt of purchase.

      • You are permitted to print this product or portions of it as many times as needed for the number of children within your home.

      • You are not permitted to share this digital product with others, nor are you permitted to print any portion of it for people outside of your home, for co-ops, or for resale of any kind.

      • For an inexpensive option, you may print the document at home, hole punch the pages, and place the pages in a three-ring binder.

      • We HIGHLY recommend having this journal printed with our homeschool printing partner, Humble Heart Press. The quality of their products and their customer service is worth every single penny!

      • If you do choose  to print with Humble Heart Press, a discount code is provided for you upon purchase in the product's printing specifications document. 

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