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Deborah Dudek

Writing Instructor

at The Lantern English Co.




I am a firm believer that everyone “has a story," a story to tell that the world would benefit from hearing. I’m of the opinion that writing our stories down not only aids us in processing our unique life events but also preserves our narratives for generations to come. The hope is that in reading others' stories we would find knowledge, encouragement, history, wisdom, compassion, joy and so many more transformational “gifts."


I became a Christian at the age of eighteen. Jesus has been my everything for forty-two plus years and will remain so through eternity. Our (God’s love for me and mine for Him) story is written in countless journals which I refer to often and am saving for my children and grandchildren.

Born and raised in Western New York, my husband of 42 years and I also raised our children there. Currently we live in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area where the Lord has led us to reside for the past eleven years. May I just say how very much I miss the snow! Literally. And yes, seriously! We have four grown children, as well as seven grandchildren, who happen to live in various parts of the United States. They call Virginia, Montana, New York and Pennsylvania “home." I attended Catholic schooling K-12th grades before entering SUNY@ Buffalo to pursue a dual degree in Journalism and Childhood Social Work. Over the years I have held down various positions from Assistant Camp Director to stay-at-home Mom, from Wegmans (grocery store) Assistant Manager to homeschool Mom, from Baristas to NYS License Administer, and from Chiropractic Aid to Child Care Provider. Each of these positions brought me genuine satisfaction as they fed my awe and wonder of people, particularly children. Teaching for the Lantern English Co. has presented me with the opportunity to combine my strong love for people with my insatiable desire to equip people with the skills needed to write down their stories.

When not writing or reading, I enjoy nature in whatever way I am able. Lately that has taken the form of walks, basking in the sunshine or road trips to remote locations here in Pennsylvania. Mission trips also fill my soul in ways I never thought possible. Having traveled to Czech Republic, Poland, and on three occasions to Colombia, I find that my spirit soars when sharing the love of Jesus with people of differing cultures. Sending out home crafted greeting cards I’ve created, to family and friends, also brings my heart joy.


It is with excitement over the plans God has for my life that I anticipate that continuing to teach writing classes will bring great reward both for my students, as well as for myself.


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