Beginning Literature

suggested for grades 3rd-6th



Reading and writing go hand in hand. This course will help your child develop better understanding of what he is reading by utilizing written responses. Students will study the elements of story, and in turn, learn to summarize the main details, get to know the characters, and find the moral of the story. Students will make connections, ask questions, and formulate predictions for a story. Students will use these skills to construct a basic book report and either a book review or a letter to the author as their final project.


(NOTE: students will respond to two fiction books of their choice! We do not assign books for this class.)

PREREQUISITE: The Paragraph or equivalent experience is required; The Composition or equivalent experience suggested. 

INTRO TO poetry




Poetry is a beautiful yet often overlooked form of writing. At times, poetry can seem boring, confusing, and difficult to both read and write. However, studying poetry can be both enjoyable and interesting. Students will learn about basic poetry definitions and forms, end rhyme, syllable counting, and literary devices as a means to performing basic poetry review and writing some of their own poetry.

(NOTE: all poetry will be assigned for this class; some poetry will be provided within the lesson material, while other poems will need to be easily accessed via the internet.)

PREREQUISITE: The Paragraph or equivalent experience is required.

book study:
The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe


While reading C.S Lewis' classic The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, students will gain an appreciation for the author's history and experience leading up to Narnia and be encouraged to use their own ideas to foster creative worlds and characters of their own. In addition, students will engage directly with the text to study character development and the use of several literary devices, including allegory, description, dialogue, foreshadowing, humor,  personification, and repetition.

PREREQUISITE: The Composition or equivalent experience.

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