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Naomi Hess

Writing Instructor

at The Lantern English Co.


Born and raised in New York, I attended both private and public school. Particularly in high school, I enjoyed Art and English classes.  Both allowed me to explore how artists convey thoughts, ideas, and feelings through the use of different art mediums and the written word. Then out of an intrigue to learn about the human mind and behavior, I attended college in Pennsylvania and received a B.A. in Psychology. 

Whether it is for the purpose of an academic paper, lyrics for a song, a personal handwritten letter, the storyline of a novel, or a private journal, I believe the art of writing is a vital skill deserving of our time. Writing is important to both communication and thinking. I desire to help others develop and sharpen their writing skills so that they are more confident in their ability to communicate clearly.

My husband, Ben, and I have two daughters - Abigail and Madelyn, whom we currently home-educate. We live in northern Virginia and spend as much time together outside as possible.  I enjoy meaningful conversation, nature, and dark chocolate as well as spending my days investing in my family, land, and community.

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