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Allyson Austin

Literature Lead

at The Lantern English Co.


Born and raised in the Rochester, NY area, I have loved reading, writing, and learning since I was a little girl. My passion for literature was awakened during my senior year of high school, when I first read Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë. It was also during that year that I realized my calling as a teacher.


After straying off the “teacher” path during my undergraduate years, I went on to receive a graduate degree in Adolescent English Education (grades 7-12). I was very enthusiastic about getting into a school and sharing my passion for literature and writing with a classroom full of students. However, once again, the path I had planned out for myself was redirected. After I got married to my wonderfully gracious husband and had children, the Lord called me to stay home and homeschool my children.


More than a decade later, I am still homeschooling my children and now I also teach the high school literature class at my local homeschool co-op. I am living my lifelong dream, in a wonderful way I would have never expected. I am so grateful that the Lord has given my family the opportunity and ability to homeschool, fostering the love of learning in my children, and allowing my lifelong love of learning to continue in a rich and beautiful way.

On a personal note, in addition to being fond of books, learning, and my family, I also thoroughly enjoy coffee, my two long-haired cats, and the ocean. I often find myself in awe of God’s perfect design.

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