eight-week Writing Classes

Click each link below to learn more about the eight-week writing courses we offer!

You can see a syllabus for each class, available at the link below the course description. If you would also like to see a sample lesson, please email us, and we would be happy to send one for any class you would like!

Each of our quarter classes costs $65 and runs for eight weeks.

Please enroll your student based on their skill set in writing. Do not enroll based on age or grade level alone. We strongly encourage you to read the standard class placement information provided HERE

Please note: we do not offer any live classes or video components. 

elementary student writng

the beginning writer

suggested 3rd-6th grade

middle school student writing

the growing writer

suggested 7th-9th grade

high school student writing

the advanced writer

suggested 10th-12th grade

students working on creative writing

the creative writer

suggested 6th-12th grade