Menke Biewenga

Writing Instructor

at The Lantern English Co.




Born and raised in The Netherlands, I was acquainted with the English language from an early age. Although not my mother tongue, I started reading and writing in English before I first traveled to America. By now, I consider it the language of my heart.

Although I never saw myself as being good at languages (math was my best subject in school), I have always loved reading and writing. That said, I did not like literature when I was in high school. Our required books seemed boring, unnecessarily difficult, and the topics they covered too far removed from my own life and experiences.

After taking my first literature course in college, however, this all changed. I fell in love with literature—especially works written by people with a different ethnical experience from mine. Therefore, I changed my major from Human Services to English Language and Literature—realizing that,
though I still want to help people, I want to do so in a different way. I want to help people find their voice—to read, think, and find the courage to communicate those thoughts; I want to help people grasp both the basics, and the finer details of the English language—allowing them to do this communicating well; and I want to help make ethnic literature, and literature in general, more accessible for beginning students—so they can learn to love literature, before entering college.