Lydia Huth

Creative Writing Director

at The Lantern English Co.




As soon as I could scratch out letters with my colored pencil, I was writing. (My first series starred hundreds of tiny ponies who lived in the tree outside my window—yes, really.) Over the years, those little projects turned into countless stories, scripts, and scholarly papers.


Since storytelling has been a lifelong joy for me, I love to explore writing alongside every class’s cohort! For each student, I strive to provide thorough, practical, and kind feedback with a few laughs in between. Whether or not their dream future involves the sort of writing we’ll cover, I try to build our time together around developing universal life skills.


More about me: I’m a proud homeschool graduate from upstate New York, now living in sunny Durham, North Carolina. In my day-to-day, I work as a marketing coordinator for an amazing historic theatre. As I explore life, I’m constantly seeking a closer relationship with our great Author (of course, with plenty of hiccups and stutters!), but also pursuing paths to help others discover Him in a powerful way—especially through words and creative expression.


Several of my favorite things: Locally-owned restaurants, traveling far and wide, all kinds of books, live theatre, soft pretzels (and all carbs), Instagram, planners, my theatre’s famous popcorn, and an eclectic mix of alternative/eighties/folk/indie music.


Qualifications: Bachelors of Arts in English & Graphic Design, Campbell University (2019). Member of Sigma Tau Delta, international English honor society. Co-taught (in-classroom) two semesters of freshman seminar. Background in writing for academia, journalism, nonprofits, marketing/public relations, and business.