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Grace Macakanja

Writing Instructor

at The Lantern English Co.




In high school I participated in Girl Scouts from 6th through 12th grade, and continued into the first 2 years of college. Many of my fondest memories as a teenager are being the leader or assistant of various activities at large events, camping, and being with the young ones - helping in their troops. Many of the leaders, and involved moms would tell me what a “knack” I had with the children. They would enthusiastically encourage me to become a teacher. This particular career choice wasn’t even on my radar as a typical 17 year old who had an aversion to any insight an experienced adult wanted to provide. I was going to become an interior designer. The more I muddled over it, though, the more it seemed a viable prospect and I decided to participate in a program through my high school to intern at our local elementary school. I remember quickly becoming smitten with all aspects of the job: managing the class, forming relationships with kiddos, and teaching math, reading, spelling, social studies, science. I was so excited about the idea of being a teacher I do not believe anything could have changed my mind.


I earned a bachelor's degree in elementary education from St. Bonaventure University as well as a master’s of art in teaching from Grand Canyon University. I am a New York State certified teacher in Pre-K through sixth grade. Despite the challenging path I have walked in the education world, I have experience in pre-kindergarten through sixth grade; which has gifted me with - what I call - a big picture of learning and education.


Education is for all! God calls us to learn, but you have to be personally motivated! There are different methods, tools, theories, structures, and ideas which fit each individual and their need to grow in mind, body, and soul. “School” looks different for every child/family. Mastery of a skill or subject can be a longer process than just being limited to the confines of a grade level. Learning should, when able, be interesting and fun! Learning involves patience with yourself and others. Learning is like a tree - it continues to grow new branches!


Currently, my family lives in Orchard Park, NY south of Buffalo. We are happy in our homey apartment environment; but long for a cozy home, a piece of property of our own. My husband and I have been happy together for 11 years. We have been blessed with an 8 year old son and a newborn baby girl. I also enjoy running, which has been a large part of my life for three years. I have participated in races; and am eager to begin running again after having our little girl. I also enjoy the outdoors through gardening, hiking, and walking. 





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