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Frequently Asked Questions

quarter classes

If you find that one of your questions regarding our quarter writing or literature classes is not answered through this page, feel free to contact us! FAQ regarding our live classes can be found HERE. FAQ regarding our English program can be found HERE


How do the online classes work?


Visit our How It Works page for details! 


How much do your eight-week writing/literature classes cost? 


Each quarter class costs $60. We do offer a small (2%) multi-student discount which will be automatically applied when you enroll two or more students from the same family in the same session or when you enroll one student in two or more classes in the same session. We purposefully keep our class costs affordable, so you will not see us offering larger multi-student discounts or promotions or discounts. 


Do you support Common Core State Standards?


No, we do not support Common Core State Standards. We design our courses with students' and families' needs in mind without any regard to state or federal educational regulations. Any similarities between what we teach and the Common Core State Standards are merely coincidental, but we will never intentionally align our material to meet any state or federal regulations.


Are your eight-week classes equivalent to a curriculum?


Our quarter classes provide a service that completes the writing and grammar components and some of the literature components of a solid English program. Our classes can make up the entirety of your English education, or they can supplement a preexisting curriculum.


If you are looking for the complete package, we recommend our full-year English program, currently offered for students grades 6th through 12th. Our English program works the same as our quarter classes but provides instruction in literature, vocabulary, grammar, and writing. Learn more here.


Are the eight-week classes only for homeschooled students?


No. We market mainly to homeschooled students and families, but we are willing and happy to work with public or private school students as well as adults who are looking for assistance in writing. 


Do we have to take a course every quarter?


No. Parents and students can decide how often courses are taken, whether one course every quarter, one course every other quarter, or even one course per school year. 


Do we have to follow a specific order of courses?


No. Courses are geared to specific skill levels, but parents and students can choose which courses they would like to take. If you are insure about placement, we encourage you to check out our placement information page HERE.


How do I know where to place my child?


Although we do give grade level suggestions for our quarter classes, please do not enroll your student based on age or grade level alone. 

Primarily, please consider your student's prior writing experience and current skill set. Learn more about placement HERE.


What if we cannot complete all of the assignments in the week?


Assignments are given in a manageable amount, and usually should not be too overwhelming. If the student is consistently unable to complete the work, the instructor will work with the student and parent to create a manageable schedule to finish the assignments. If the student is unable to complete the work in the given week (sick, vacation, etc.), the instructor will work with the student to make up each assignment. 


Should parents be involved with their students?


This is a common question but is generally left up to the parents and students. Younger students often need their parents to help them read and understand certain lessons or complete some assignments. Older students are challenged to be in charge of their lessons, time management,  and assignments. However, parents should always be checking their student's progress, reviewing incoming grades and corrections, and monitoring the work. This ensures the student is getting as much as possible out of each course.


How is grading completed?


Grading is completed by the individual instructors based on the given course. After the student has sent the assignments in, the instructor reviews and grade each assignment within 24 hours of the due date. Students will then receive a document containing corrections, comments, and a grade for that assignment.  A final review and grade are given at the end of each quarter.


What if the assignments are late?


Late assignments receive docked points according to the instructor's guidelines. Generally, unless the student has a viable reason to be late or has spoken with the instructor prior to the due date, late assignments are docked five points for each late day.


What if revisions are needed? 


We try as much as possible to allow students to revise assignments with multiple, significant errors/a failing grade. Most of the time, this is not an issue. However, as students get into upper level essay classes, the chance to submit rough drafts and receive feedback becomes more necessary. Thus, you will notice that several of our classes are split into two parts to spread out the assignments, allowing time for rough drafts and revisions. If you are interested, instead, in completing the assignments at the standard eight-week pace, you can enroll the fast-track class in which revisions are only required when an assignment is failed. 


If I already have curriculum that contains writing assignments which I'm using with my child at home, do you provide personal one-on-one tutoring for this?


Absolutely! If you don't feel any of the courses match your student's particular needs or curriculum, please let us know. We can talk about a flexible program and cost that will suit your needs.