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Abigail Zedwick

English Instructor

at The Lantern English Co.




From a young age, my parents cultivated a love of reading in me. As I grew, that love for books grew into a love for writing. I began to tell stories of my own, searching for ways to take the ideas in my head and put them on paper. I could often be found scratching away in a notebook as I dreamed up fictional worlds and characters. When I got older, I headed off to college as an accounting major, but the love for writing never died. It was the one hobby I kept up with even when work, classes, and hobbies were difficult to balance. Through the years, the hard work has paid off. I’ve been published through an online publishing company and have another short story in the works for publication with the same publisher sometime late this fall.

Above all, I’ve learned through this journey that writing is hard work and requires patient teachers to encourage you and to help you walk the road they’ve already walked. I had those teachers, and now it is my hope that I can be that mentor for someone else who is standing where I was all those years ago when I first started writing. My goal is to pass on the lessons that I learned to help hone the skills students need to communicate well through writing. It my highest hope that I will be able to help even the most reticent students see that the writing process can and should be fun even if it is hard work.